What is Healthcare Informatics?

Incorporating information technologies and information management, this work describes evolving areas of efficiency in the healthcare industry due to healthc…
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  1. Wayne Downs says:

    Check out the 20 Best online Master’s in Healthcare Informatics degree programs at TheBestSchools[dot]org.

  2. Agustin Francia says:

    More information in 3w whatishealthinformaticscom of Nursing Informatics Programs

  3. OHSU Informatics says:

    Here’s a report from HIMSS you may find useful: apps.himss.org/himssorg/compensation/ASP/Index.asp

  4. TK Kanagaratnam says:

    Excellent video. Thank you.

  5. Judy Jarvis-Corcoran says:

    Professor suggested listening to lecture for the start to a class in Healthcare informatics. Great description!

  6. Informática Médica says:

    What is Health Informatics?

  7. gowdaflow says:

    What would be the salary range in Healthcare Informatics for new graduates?

  8. BurgessFoster2009 says:

    My name is Burgess Foster. I am a student in the Implementation Management program via the Midwest Consortium on HITECH. I have a MS-MGMT (HCA). If you are on linked in I would ask you to reach out to me We watched your youtube video in our Health M.I.S. course geared towards concepts in preparation for the national exam as a Health IT Professional. Imagine being able to parse EHR enterprise wide to see which patients received a particular pharmaceutical-whose batch has been traced to a hospital

  9. SuperDestro1111 says:

    Very Good

  10. Gregory Hink says:

    I am becoming interested in Informatics….with my Biomedical Equipment Technician background, this degree would be a nice supplement to my education. I may be checking out your mentioned book too. Thanks for sharing what you know

  11. smarthsnoop16 says:

    i’m here cause i have a test on this on 20 mins

  12. Binyamin woema says:

    This is Awesome just Awesome.I am some one with a background in Engineering and working in Database development in manufacturing industry this become an inspiration for me to consider the healthcare industry as well.nice work i wish a get a chance to be in his class

  13. 1111DestroSuper says:

    Nice Video

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