Diamond dog food

Diamond dog food

This is what I feed my American bullies.

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5 Responses to Diamond dog food

  1. Demetrics Hite says:

    Wow your dogs temperament and look at the way he was looking at you that is not a good thing. My rotties will never growl something aint right. You dogs look great but i dont like that temperament. 

  2. Junie Ruiz says:

    2 time’s a day

  3. Demetrics Hite says:

    I use diamond but i would never give my dogs pork they can get worms roundworm .

  4. Junie Ruiz says:

    Lol only if you get too close the other one he gets mad when he’s gets locked in the cage 

  5. g balo says:

    the second dog is pissed at u cause you locked him back in the cage lol or maybe back up off my he was saying . 

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